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I Highly Recommend Toni for Your Overall Health Needs and Acupuncture

I spoke to Toni about my sleep interruptions in the night. I was experiencing only five hours of sleep every night. She recommended the adrenal saliva test. I am so thankful for taking the test and following her directions. She has been the main factor in balancing my adrenal issues, within three days I was starting to feel better and sleep a little better. After 10 days I was getting eight hours of sleep every night.

I’m sure many of you know what it’s like to feel exhausted much of the day from not receiving enough sleep at night. I experienced such positive results from following Toni’s directions for correcting my adrenal issues. I have referred her and the test to other people.

I have been a patient of Toni’s for many years. I go to her for every health or emotional issue I experience and her techniques have always improved my issues. I have referred you to many of my family members who have all received positive results from Toni. I highly recommend Toni for your overall health needs and acupuncture. I appreciate you!

— Deb F., Naples, FL

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