Pinching Neck Pain Was Gone

My husband and I have been clients of Toni Eatros for years. The last time I saw her she recognized that my neck was out of alignment and was probably the cause of the pinching I was feeling in my shoulder blades. She made some recommendations and after a few visits the pain was completely gone. I trust her judgment

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Breathe With My Mouth Closed And Without Clogged Nostrils

Hi Toni!
First off I wanted to say again it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday, I really enjoyed my session and how knowledgeable you are about your practice. It definitely left a lasting impression on me!
Second, I wanted to let you know that last night was the first time in a LONG time that I was

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Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

I am a middle-age Chinese woman whose brother is a Chinese herbalist. One day I was in the Sugden Regional Park picnic. I ran into a patient of Toni’s: Ron. Ron told me how Toni treated his shoulder. Ron said it was like a miracle. He hurt his shoulder and for weeks he could not sleep. He had difficulty lifting

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Provided Help and Loving Care

Toni, we cannot thank you enough for your help and for your loving care. I pray that God will bless you greatly!
~ L.Z, 64 year old female – Naples, FL