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Functional Medicine Consultations

Acupuncture & Natural Health Solutions offers the following functional medicine services to support client wellness and disease prevention:

  • Laboratory-based functional system assessments
  • Nutritional supplement programs to correct the labs
  • Diet and lifestyle counseling, including weight loss and hormone balancing programs

My wellness philosophy involves balancing three main body systems.

  • Hormonal system – produces your stress and sex hormones
  • Digestive system – breaks down food for use by the body
  • Detoxification system – protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, both from your environment and from your diet.

Every health issue can be traced back to a problem within one or more of these three body systems.  If we can monitor how these systems are functioning, we can correct any disruptions and keep you healthy.

The at home, targeted lab testing for each of these systems, tells us how each system is working.  Using this data, an individualized program to rebalance and restore your body is designed.

My experience shows that with an individualized diet plan, a scientifically based supplement program, stress reduction and exercise, a person’s health can improve dramatically – not only physically, but emotionally. With an ongoing wellness plan many health problems can be avoided, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity and hormone imbalances.

What does the Functional Medicine Consultations entail?

During your initial consultation we will spend an entire hour extensively discussing your family history, your health history, your current health care issues and your goals.  Recommendations for lab tests that are appropriate for your specific health issues are then ordered.

Once your lab work has been completed, we will review your test results during a follow up functional medicine consultation. I will create an individualized health care program for you.  This program will include one or more of the following components: dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, herbs, exercise, lifestyle and stress management recommendations.

Subsequent monthly consultations are scheduled to monitor your progress and to modify your program as needed.  Lifestyle Consultation appointments can be added if you want more patient education or personal support in making the recommended lifestyle adjustments.

At about the 6 month mark, we will want to retest to see if the system is now functioning normally.  If so, you will be transferred to a maintenance program to help you sustain your system restoration.

If you have multiple systems affected, the above sequence of events will change somewhat to speed your healing.  Not everyone wants to wait 6 months before we treat the digestive system.  One of the advantages to this program is it is completely customizable based on your health care goals.

What type of tests are used?

The types of tests that are used are in home saliva, urine or stool lab kits. All health programs are based on these lab tests that assess the function of the three body systems: hormones, digestion and detoxification.

What if I am unable to attend a visit at the office?

Acupuncture & Natural Health Solutions is able to work with patients over the phone or skype because the health programs we design are based on the results of lab tests, not your pulse or tongue diagnosis.  Be sure to let us know you want a phone consultation if this is your preference, otherwise I will be expecting you at the office.

What do I need to do to get started?

  1. Call the office at 239-260-4566 to schedule a consultation, or use our online scheduler and select New Patient Functional Medicine Consultation.
  2. Print and complete the New Patient Paperwork ** In order to use fillable online PDF, it requires the latest version of Adobe Reader XI (free)
  3. Print and complete pages 1-8 of the Health Appraisal Questionnaire.  Please take your time filling this out.  It seems like a lot of information, but it will help us prioritize which systems need corrected and in which order.  Bring pages 9 and 10 into the office with you and I will fill those pages out.
  4. At least 24 hours prior to your consultation fax (239) 603-6982 or email the New Patient Paperwork to
  5. If you prefer you can snail mail it to:
    Toni Eatros, AP
    2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Suite #146
    Naples, FL  34109

If you prefer, we can email or fax you the forms. Be sure to make this request when you schedule your appointment.

Fee Schedule:

New Patient consultation: includes access to our wellness education resources which includes lifestyle guides, handouts, and questionnaires

  • 60 minute: $175

Test Review & Treatment Plan Consultation:  $0 – Included in the cost of the test:  30-60 minute visit

Functional Medicine Monthly Check-In Consultation:  $140: 30 minute visit

Lab Tests: (subject to change by the lab company) – This includes the lab test, postage to mail the test to the lab, the follow up visit to review the lab test and discuss the treatment plan.

  • Basic Saliva Adrenal Panel to measure hormone function: $335
  • GI Map with H. pylori Antigen to measure digestive function: $527.20
  • Organix Comprehensive Test:  $519
  • Food Sensitivity Testing of 140 foods:  $399

Treatment products are available at my online dispensary.  The price  of treatment is different for everyone and is dependent on test results and your treatment plan, but average between $200-$600 per month depending on how many systems need corrected.

Office Policy:

  • Payment is due at time of consultation
  • Methods of payment are: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal or Venmo.

For more information, please see our Questions & Answers.

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