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Acupuncture Treatment Naples

Naples Acupuncture Services

Dr. Tan’s Balance Method Acupuncture Treatment in Naples Florida

Tiny, disposable, sterile needles are placed in specific points on the skin. $110

I was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine Style Acupuncture and practiced it for the first eight years of my practice.  During the course of my continuing education training, I had the good fortune to study meridian theory, also know as Dr Tan’s Balance Method, with Dr Tan.  The information I learned was very different from the TCM style that I was taught in school.  For pain conditions, results are instant.  I began utilizing the Balance Method in my practice and started seeing miraculous results.  TCM gives good results, but for me, the Balance Method is my treatment of choice.  It effects are immediate, and results are predictable.  As a result I am unable to go back to my old way of treating.

Almost all treatment is performed on the arms and legs below the elbows and knees.  I do not put needles into the injured area, rather I treat distally to heal the affected body part.  For example, if you come in with tennis elbow, I will insert the needles into the other elbow or either knee.  This allows you to move the injured area and assess the change that has taken place.

“Under the right conditions, the internal healing system naturally adjusts imbalances in the body with little interference from the outside.”

Dr Tan

Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment in Naples Florida (Ages infants – 13 years old)

While kids and needles do not usually peacefully coexist, acupuncture in children may not be as frightening for them as it sounds. We use a variety of techniques to help children become comfortable with the idea of the needles. A lot of time is spent explaining the treatment to children and their families. We may demonstrate the therapy on a stuffed animal or even our own hands to show children what to expect during the acupuncture session. We will describe the difference between the acupuncture needle and a typical injection or intravenous needle. Acupuncture needles are smaller and not hollow so they do not rip the skin like typical needles. It is relatively painless when done by a trained practitioner. Children feel little discomfort during treatment.  Often becoming very relaxed or even sleeping during the treatment. $110

Student Acupuncture Treatment in Naples Florida (Ages 14-22 years old)  **must show valid school ID to receive discount

Teens and young adults respond beautifully to acupuncture treatment for almost any complaint they may have. Acupuncture reduces stress and tension, elevates mood, balances emotions, enhances the immune system, alleviates pain, regulates the hormonal systems, and improves sleep. $110

Adult Acupuncture Treatment in Naples Florida (Ages 18+)

Adults benefit from acupuncture in a variety of ways.  It is a great way to manage emotional stress and keep that stress from causing physical symptoms in the body.  Acupuncture keeps the body in balance, minimizing the risk of developing chronic illness.  Acupuncture can lead to graceful aging and longevity.  When the qi flows, the blood follows.  When circulation is sufficient, the skin, muscles and other tissues stay nourished and healthy, slowing the effects of aging.  Regular acupuncture can also keep you active on the golf, tennis and pickle ball courts.

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