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Homeopathy in Naples, Florida

If you know anything about homeopathy, you probably have heard of what homeopaths call classical or constitutional homeopathy.  The goal of classical homeopathy is to find the perfect medicine for you.  There are more than 6000 homeopathic medicines, so often it seems like looking for a needle in a haystack.  The classical homeopath will spend hours with you, then more hours combing through all of the medicines to find the “one” medicine that addresses your symptoms and constitution.  Usually, only one dose is given and then you wait.  Sometimes it can seem like a miracle occurred.  Other times it seems like you wait forever to see if it worked.  If it didn’t work, you are back to the drawing board.  This process can take months.  We don’t always have months if symptoms are acute or excruciating.

I train with Joette Calabrese in a method that she coined, practical homeopathy.  This is a unique methodology.  Practical homeopathy is much like our current medical model.  Symptoms are assessed and one or more medicines are chosen based on those symptoms.  The difference between practical homeopathy and modern pharmaceuticals is that homeopathy rarely has side effects or drug interactions.  The homeopathic medicines actually work to correct the imbalance in the body, rather than just suppressing symptoms.

The difference between classical and practical homeopathy is that practical homeopathy uses frequent dosing and sometimes multiple medicines.  Joette completed seven fellowships at the world renowned Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation Clinic in Kolkata, India.  People travel from all over to be seen at the Banerji Institute.  1,000 people per day, seven days per week are seen and treated with homeopathic medicines.  The Banerji Institute has analyzed all of the treatments for 7,000 people weekly over the past 150 years to establish what are now known as the Banerji Protocols.  Joette teaches these Banerji Protocols as well as some of the other protocols she has developed over time.

This is the type of homeopathy that I use.  Often, I will suggest homeopathic medicines to people that come to see me for acupuncture or functional medicine.  I have seen these protocols used with great success in my patient population as well as in my family.

17 Reasons to Choose Homeopathy

Simply put, homeopathy works.  Homeopathy is quickly becoming the medicine of choice for families all over the world, who want something other than main stream pharmaceuticals.

  1. Homeopathy is safe, gentle and cannot ever interfere with presently taken medications.
  2. Homeopathy has no side effects.
  3. Homeopathy can be life saving.
  4. Infants, children, pregnant and nursing women, the elderly, and pets can all be treated with homeopathy.
  5. Homeopathic medicines are easy to take.  Children love the taste and pets accept it easily as well.
  6. Homeopathy treats the whole person, not the disease.  This allows corresponding and seemingly unrelated issues to disappear.
  7. Homeopathic medicines are absorbed through mucus membranes in the mouth.  They do not have to be broken down and absorbed in the gut.  People with digestive issues, will find the homeopathic medicines work well.
  8. Homeopathic philosophy follows specific laws and principles based on the Laws of Nature.  These have been proven so that they are no longer considered theory.
  9. It is possible to learn homeopathy at home and be able to address your family’s simple acute illnesses.
  10. Using homeopathy gives us a sense of self mastery and independence that we so crave in a world of medicine of commerce and dictatorial medical staffs.
  11. Families all over the world use homeopathy, including India, Europe, and South America.
  12. The rich, famous and powerful have always used homeopathy.  Some of these people include Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, many American presidents, the English royal family, the Beatles and Dizzy Gillespie, just to name a few.
  13. Homeopathy is inexpensive.  The cost is $6 – $21 per bottle, and if a kit is purchased, the cost can be as low as $4.00 each.
  14. The FDA has approved homeopathic medicines.  Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, no homeopathic medicine has ever been taken off the market.
  15. Remedies will last for decades, as long as they are not left in very hot conditions.  They may have an expiration date printed on them, but that is because this is required by the FDA for all products.  These dates can be ignored.
  16. Telemedicine appointments are available, so assistance is readily available.
  17. Most importantly, homeopathy works!

My Podcasts About Homeopathy

If you want to learn more about practical homeopathy, check out my podcasts.  I have linked a few homeopathy related episodes below.

Telemedicine Visits Available

If you do not want to come into the office, I do offer telemedicine visits via the telephone or a zoom call.  If treatment is required, I will order the homeopathics and have them shipped directly to your home.  This is a great option for those who are social distancing due to the novel coronavirus.

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