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Insurance Verification

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources at this time to call and verify your insurance coverage. This form is provided to help you ask the appropriate questions when you call your insurance company to verify coverage. Please bring this form and your insurance card if you want to use your qualifying insurance.

I am NOT a preferred provider for any insurance company except the Veteran’s Community Care Program and United Healthcare. If you are a veteran, get a referral from your VA doctor. As soon as this referral and authorization for treatment is received, you will be eligible for acupuncture treatment with no out of pocket costs for you. Participating in this program is one way that I am giving back to our veterans. Thank you for your service.  Please fill out the forms in the insurance section.

Medicaid and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida do NOT cover my services.  Please fill out the non insurance new member forms.

Medicare covers acupuncture for lower back pain.  That being said, they only pay Medicare providers that perform this service.  I went through a very lengthy and time consuming application process to become a Medicare provider, only to find out that they do not accept acupuncturists as providers.  This means you must find a medical doctor, nurse practitioner or someone else in the Medicare network to perform the acupuncture.  This current legislation is infuriating to me, as most of these providers only took a summer intensive in acupuncture, whereas, I went to school for four years to learn acupuncture.  If you want to use your Medicare plan, you will need to find a Medicare provider to perform the acupuncture.

Medicare Supplement Plans are a very gray area.  Usually, it is required that Medicare is billed first and they forward the claim, unpaid, to the supplement plan.  This will work for Medicare providers, however, the claim is automatically rejected when a non-Medicare provider submits a claim.  This rejection leads to the supplemental plan not receiving the claim to process for payment.  I have not figured out a way around this.  If you want to use your Medicare supplement plan, you will need to find a Medicare provider to perform the acupuncture.

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