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Effective Treatment Plan

I have had a fear of needles for many years; thus I feared Acupuncture. With the I juries to my neck, back, and associated migraines; I decided to see Toni at Acupuncture & Natural Health Solutions. That first day, I was nervous and had reservations; I even thought about backing out. I’m glad I did not, very glad. Toni was very through in her explanations and asked exactly where my problems were. She came up with a treatment plan. I absolutely felt relief the minute Toni began my treatment. I haven’t felt this good in years; I wish now, I’d have done this years ago. Take the time to see Toni like I did. The next thing you’ll do is thank me. I’ve never given a direct testimonial; yet to these results, I must testify. And I give you an Amen! Do as I did,get over the fear and feel the relief. My Son used Toni as well, he too has service connected injuries; he’s also glad he listened to me.

—-Robert J, 61 year old male, Naples, FL

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