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Toni Treated My Eczema and I Would Highly Recommend Toni for Any Skin Issues

Toni saved my life. I had really bad eczema and spent a couple years back and forth in Dermatology offices. They were treating me with steroid topical’s and steroid injections. Nothing was helping! I got worse. I was itching and had hives all over my body. My skin was inflamed so badly it hurt when I touched it. I couldn’t sleep at night since I was having uncontrollable itching. I was so tired from lack of sleep and my anxiety level was so high from itching continuously my blood pressure went up! My first visit with Toni was January 18th she started me on a herbal and probiotic treatment as well as acupuncture and within a few days my itching stopped. She taught me foods to eliminate from my diet as well. She was attentive and professional. Within a couple weeks the inflammation got better and all my hives were flat. This review cannot describe my improvements. I have never felt better and I owe it to Toni. My skin has cleared up NO flare ups and NO itching! Its a miracle how quickly the treatment worked. Toni has shown me how effective acupuncture and natural health is! She treated my problem not just the symptoms. My life feels normal again. She has healed me in so many ways. I would highly recommend Toni for any skin issues.

— Esther F. Naples, FL

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