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Bell’s Palsy

No treatment modality works better for Bell’s Palsy than acupuncture.

With Bell’s Palsy, the most important thing is to help the eye blink and close normally.  If the eye is unable to close, severe damage and possible blindness can occur.

When did your Bell’s Palsy happen?  If it happened yesterday, then I can help you to recover quickly.  You should be able to close and blink your eyes at least 30-50% after the first treatment and about 80-90% after five treatments.  By the end of the tenth visit, you should be able to blink naturally.  There are no guarantees with acupuncture, but this is the progression that most patients make.  Usually 10-20 visits are required.

If you were struck with Bell’s Palsy 4 months ago or longer, treatment becomes much more difficult.  It could take 20-30 treatments and there is no guarantee of a cure.

Treatment must be frequent in order to maximize results.  Treating daily gives the best results.  The minimum number of treatments is 3 times per week for recovery. One treatment  per week will not give you the results you want.

Many people are afraid that needles will be inserted into the face.  I am happy to tell you, that with the Balance Method style of acupuncture, no needles are put into the face.  All of the needles will be on the arms and legs, and possible the top of the head.

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