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Life Activation Service

Hi Toni. I wanted to thank you for asking how my family was doing during my appointment in July. Had you not asked, we never would have discussed my daughter and how she was struggling with anxiety about not knowing what to do with her future. You recommended that Life Activation service for her.

My daughter received the Life Activation from you and then attended an out of state conference two weeks later. She called me from the airport before boarding her return flight. My daughter was so confident and excited and stated that she knew exactly what direction she wanted her career to go in and felt so inspired and optimistic for her future. I couldn’t remember when I’ve heard my daughter speak so confidently and enthusiastically before. I knew immediately it was due to her appointment and Life Activation with you.

It has been three months since her Life Activation, and her career has just taken off, and exactly in the direction that she stated it would. Opportunities are presenting themselves daily. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

~ MD, 53 yo female, Naples, FL

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