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Decreased Frequency Of Severe Heart Palpitations

After suffering for years with severe heart palpitations daily, Toni was able to decrease their frequency to only a few per month. I have been seeing a cardiologist 4 times per year and have tried numerous treatment options. Nothing had worked. Toni highly recommended that I take an iodine loading test to measure my iodine levels and toxic halide levels. I was severely deficient in iodine and Toni prescribed an iodine complex for me to take daily to get my levels up. After taking iodine for less than one month, it was like a switch flipped, and my heart’s electrical system started to function correctly. I can’t explain how amazing this has been for me. I have spent thousands of dollars on specialists and tests, not to mention the years of worry about what could be causing this. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and my anxiety levels are greatly reduces. Toni is able to treat more than pain conditions. I highly recommend you see her for any chronic illness you have not had success in treating. Thank you, Toni, for your dedication to your patients and finding the root cause to my chronic illness.

~ CG, 37 year old female

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