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Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

I am a middle-age Chinese woman whose brother is a Chinese herbalist. One day I was in the Sugden Regional Park picnic. I ran into a patient of Toni’s: Ron. Ron told me how Toni treated his shoulder. Ron said it was like a miracle. He hurt his shoulder and for weeks he could not sleep. He had difficulty lifting his arm. It only took him one visit and Toni treated his shoulder, and his shoulder pain was gone. He also said he was a bit afraid of needles, but after his treatment, he said it was painless and not scary as he original imaging. I have been having chronic back and shoulder pain due to long working hours and nasty fall. I literally woke up with back pain every morning. I do yoga every morning. I even bought new pillow, new mattress, but it did not help. The best decision I made was to see Toni. Toni is extremely knowledgeable and skillful in these Chinese treatments: acupuncture, cupping, gua sha….. Toni is extremely attentive, listens to your complaints, and her treatment skills are superior. After sessions of treatments with Toni, I now wake up without back pain in the morning. I can also sit longer in front of my computer without agony and pain. My shoulder pain is almost gone. I would strongly recommend her for almost any of your medical concerns. Toni is the person you can count on and trust.

~ GH, middle-age Chinese female

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