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What is the functional medicine approach?

My functional medicine lab based approach is focused on identifying the root cause of your symptoms.  We use functional medicine testing of the three body systems to identify which systems are broken.  Treatment is focused on regaining the optimal functioning of the entire body and its organs.  An individualized restoration program is developed.  This science based program includes one or more of the following:  high quality nutritional supplements, exercise modification, diet changes, lifestyle and stress management recommendations.


The severity of your current situation will determine the length of the program.  Mild dysfunction usually is restored within 3 months.  More severe dysfunction or multiple system issues will take longer to correct, usually 6-12 months.  The goal is to restore system functioning and then stop the program.

At certain intervals, we will retest the system to see if any modifications to the program are necessary.  It is so exciting to watch the changes in the labs as you restore your health and begin feeling better.

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