COVID-19 Homeopathy Treatment Kits

Our current medical system does NOT have a vaccine or approved pharmaceutical to treat the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus. Practical homeopathy, however, does have a treatment strategy.

In my podcast, S2 #1 – How to Prepare Yourself, Homeopathically, for the Spreading Novel Coronavirus, I discuss the practical homeopathic approach to combatting this pandemic.

Here is the podcast link:

Unfortunately, our hospitals are quickly running out of supplies and are being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.  If the projections are correct, it is very likely that if you need emergency care you will not be able to access it.  Therefore, I have designed a back up plan to help you do something to prepare your family.

I have made three different “Coronavirus Homeopathy Kits” to make your preparation easier. The peace of mind of having these protocols and medicines on hand, is worth their weight in gold. I have a kit for each member of my immediate family.

I want to talk about the difference between the 3 kits that I have put together.


Coronavirus Homeopathic Kits:

    • Basic Kit Includes: (Effective for 80% of people)
      • The 5 medicines and enough refills needed for the first line Banerji protocol for 14 days of treatment.
      • Arsenicum album 30C for prevention, which is a five month supply of this prophylactic medicine for one person.
      • Detailed instructions on how to effectively use these medicines.  Without this knowledge, the kit is useless.
      • $178 + $15/$40 postage and handling depending on speed.


    • Deluxe Kit Includes: (Effective for 80% of people)
      • Everything in the Basic Kit
      • Aconitum + Bryonia (a combined medicine) that you will use at the first sign of any upper respiratory infection symptoms.  Often, appropriate dosing of this medicine will prevent the symptoms from going deeper, to the point you might not even need the actual virus protocol to treat deeper lung and breathing issues.  
      • Many people are feeling fearful, stressed and anxious about the coronavirus, so I have also included a medicine to address the emotional aspect of this pandemic.  This medicine will vary depending on if you are male or female.
      • $220 + $15/$40 postage and handling depending on speed


    • Supreme Kit Includes:
      • Everything in the Deluxe Kit
      • The 2nd line protocol medicines. The Basic and Deluxe Kit will likely be effective for 80% of the people.  The 2nd line homeopathic medicines, there are two, will most likely treat the remaining 20% that the first line didn’t help. The Supreme Kit contains both the 1st and 2nd line protocols.
      • Gelsemium, this medicine was extremely helpful in treating the Spanish Flu of 1918/19.
      • $300 + $15/$40 postage and handling depending on speed

I anticipate there will soon be a complete lock down in the United States, therefore, all kits ordered will be shipped to you.


  • $15 for 2-5 day Priority shipping
  • $40 for 1-2 day Express shipping

These homeopathic medicines need to be started immediately upon the onset of COVID-19 symptoms or if you have tested positive.  Therefore, it is essential that you have this kit on hand prior to needing it.  It will take about one week to receive the kit through the mail.  It will be drop shipped from the pharmacy.



  • Via Telephone:  Call 239-260-4566 and Jessica will take your order and credit card information.  As soon as payment is received, your kit will be ordered through the pharmacy and drop shipped directly to you.
  • Via Email:  Please email me at and let me know that you want to order.  Someone from my office will phone you to get your credit card information.  This call could come from a restricted or private number, please answer.
  • Via PayPal:  My PayPal address is   In the memo section tell me what kits you want to order and what shipping option you want and where I should mail your kit.  Please send payment via Friends and Family.